North Devon Coast

National Landscape

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Environmental Quality & Climate

Objective: To promote the sustainable management of natural resources and of climate change impacts 

The coast is a vital asset for North Devon’s economy, sense of identity and the welfare of its residents. The sea has major impacts on the beauty and interest of the adjacent landscape and many people are drawn to its edge to experience its dynamism and power, and to enjoy the ephemeral changes of tide, weather and season.

Caring for the coast is an important role of the AONB Partnership members, firstly to ensure that on-shore and off-shore coastal development contributes to the protection or enhancement of the AONB’s special qualities, and secondly to protect the wildlife and tourism economy by addressing marine litter and water quality issues working with coastal communities, fishers and other marine or maritime businesses.

The designation of two Marine Conservation Zones in 2016 along much of the AONB coastline has extended the protection provided on land by the AONB designation down to the high water or low water mark, into the sea and out to one nautical mile.