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Farming In Protected Landscapes

NEWS FLASH – Programme extended into a fourth year until March 2025 with additional funding

Protected Landscapes – our National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty – are special and unique places.

They are living, working landscapes that also support a huge range of habitats and species, and they are enjoyed by millions of people every year. By supporting the farmers, land managers and people who live and work in these areas, we can help protect these exceptional places and support local communities. 

To help do this, Defra is introducing the Farming in Protected Landscapes (FIPL) programme from 2021 – 2025

Applications are currently OPEN.

Cornborough Fencing

Through the programme, farmers and land managers can be supported to carry out projects that address nature recovery, mitigate the impacts of climate change, provide opportunities for people to discover, enjoy and understand the landscape and cultural heritage, or support nature-friendly, sustainable farm businesses. This is a programme of funding for one-off projects covering these areas of work, not an agri-environment scheme.

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If you have any questions please email joe.newberry@devon.gov.uk or phone 01392 388476 

For more information on farming within the AONB visit our Farming and Land Management page

Click here to see a summary of the projects that were funded in 2021-2022 and 2022-23 

Click on the individual farms below for examples of Year 2 projects;

The overall Year 2 update can be viewed here 

Roadway Farm

Indicknowle Farm

North Hole Farm

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