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Flying into the Future – Talk for Upper Key Stage 2

Event Date: 21st November 2023, 16:00

Event Category: Talk / Conference

Location: Braunton Countryside Centre

Talks with the Barn Owl Trust at the Braunton Countryside Centre

This year, the Barn Owl Trust has developed a new, specifically designed talk for schools and community youth groups called Flying into the Future. This session engages audiences through the medium of storytelling, helping young people learn about Barn Owl habitat and conservation, and introduces the topic of extreme weather and climate change.

The story begins in the present day and continues forward 25 years in time, following the story of the Barn Owls living on two different farms near the Exe Estuary in Devon. Using visual aids, it covers Barn Owl ecology and considers how extreme weather events might affect Barns Owls in the future and how the families on the farms respond to the challenges extreme weather brings.

Open to all Upper Key Stage 2 children and their supervising adults.

No booking required, just turn up to learn more about the fascinating barn owls.

Flying into the Future – Talk for Upper Key Stage 2 – Braunton Countryside Centre