Policy: To conserve, enhance and raise appreciation of the historic features of the AONB

The AONB has a long history of human habitation that is woven into the landscape, with some threads tracing back to pre-historic times. The most extensive historic landscape features are the enclosed fields defined by ancient hedgebanks, their patterns reflecting centuries of agricultural management and change. Historic farmsteads, hamlets and villages are connected by winding lanes.

Inland, the skyline is marked by ancient burial mounds whilst along the coast, promontory sites have been home to strategic defences from the Iron Age to the twentieth century. Devon’s maritime heritage is reflected in the historic harbours, quays and villages that pepper the coast such as Hartland Quay and Clovelly.

North Devon is largely an agricultural and maritime heritage that is reflected in local culture and traditions. Village events and festivals are focused around the agricultural year and celebrate good harvests. Many villages are isolated so a strong sense of community prevails. The AONB contains 21 Scheduled Ancient Monuments and 406 listed buildings (including 6 Grade I, 32 Grade II* and one historic Park and Garden).

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